Save the Carnegie Library in Bemidji Minnesota

Help us preserve this treasured landmark, and restore its role as a vibrant centerpiece fo our community

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Help us preserve this treasured landmark

Let's restore the Carnegie's role as a vibrant centerpiece in our community!

Why Restore the Carnegie?

Why Restore the Carnegie?

The Carnegie Library is more than a building.

It's a brick-and-stone testament to the spirit
of the early citizens of Bemidji,
and their shared endeavor to provide not only books,
but a place where the whole community
could gather, debate, listen and learn.

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The Carnegie Library was a gift to the City and is a significant piece of local history.

The Carnegie Library earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places because of its architecture and its historical significance.

It is beautiful, and one of the last landmark buildings remaining in Bemidji. But today, fallen into disrepair and crowded by the highway, the Carnegie is at risk of being lost.

Now is the time for a new shared endeavor: to save, restore and revitalize this landmark, for ourselves, and for future generations.

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