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National Park Service Approves
Carnegie Library Move

April 21, 2014 - Friends of Bemidji's Carnegie Library will be happy to learn that the National Park Service has given its approval for the relocation of the building within Library Park. This means that the Carnegie will keep its listing on the National Register of Historic Places during and after its restoration, currently planned for 2015.

"Moving the Carnegie is the right thing to do," says Lewis Crenshaw, chairman of the Save the Carnegie steering committee. "We have to move it to save it. The NPS approval will allow us to restore the building in the beauty of its original setting, above the lake and set back from the road."

The Carnegie will move only 17 feet back toward the lake, remaining within the original Bemidji settlement where it was built. The move will:

  • ensure the safety of visitors by moving the front entrance away from the heavy traffic of Highway 197
  • eliminate the ongoing severe damage to the sandstone fa├žade due to snowplow throw
  • enable construction of an ADA-accessible rear entrance
  • remove the visual encroachment of traffic signals and the traffic noise, which detract from the historic nature of the building, and will make the building much more pleasant to be inside

The Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office strongly supported the Carnegie team throughout the application process to the NPS. This approval should also assist in applications for state funding such as Legacy grants, which support preservation of Minnesota's historic properties such as the Carnegie.

For further information on the Carnegie Library project, call Kay Murphy at 218.758.3580 or visit

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